Moving ON -part two

It’s amazing how often we IT folks move. We’ve become like the military.

A friend of mine, Todd McDonald, just got a new job in Raliegh NC. He is based in Washington and is now faced with another big move. To keep up to speed with the industry, it’s expected that we rotate positions or firms every three to five years. Sadly, this change often includes a physical move. In the end, the individual, like Todd can end up with a string of houses (real estate stress) and even a in worse case a string of partners. Worst, may be the separation from family.

I live near Frankfurt Germany and focused long ago on the European IT market. Todd and I have been friends since high school. Technology and diligence have given us the opportunity to maintain our friendship over the last twenty years. When I’m in the US I always contact Todd and he always makes a huge effort to visit me and my family.

What can we do to lessen the burden?

Todd and I use things like,  Facebook, blogs, Gmail and homepages to keep in touch. It’s always great to check my mail, blog or book and have a message from my oldest friend. I also use Skype. We have weekly (at best) audio-video comms between my folks and our children. Sure, this is not ideal, but offers valuable face time for us all.

Other static solutions are, of course, Real Estate Management companies.

It is so important to be grounded and remember where you came from. No one can bring you back to earth faster than an old friend. Stay in touch, and use the technology at hand to enrich your relationships.



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