e-Bay Exploits and Surprises

I have been using e-Bay since its inception and find it one of the best inventions on the planet.

I have now reached 179 items sold and have lost count of all the things I’ve purchased. I have worked hard to maintain my %100 satisfaction rating and am surprised at the gall of some folks.

I have been selling my High-end audio kit lately (with my kids- it’s in danger) and decided to sell it one piece at a time. The whole set is five pieces with two speakers extra. Some of it is from The US and is 120 volts. I recently put a piece in e-Bay with a clear description, and of course included the fact that the piece is from the US and is 120 volt – 60 Hz. I was very happy with the progress and some of the bidders double checked about the voltage. Living in Germany the German power infrastructure is all 220 volt. I did mention to all asking bidders that I have a step-down transformer that changes the voltage to fit the German system.

Well, low and behold, the last bidder and winner of the piece drops me a note, after his very high bid, asking if the piece is 120 volt. I of course answer quickly, that as mentioned in the sales blurb, yes, the piece is from the US and is 120v.  The guy answers with “Oh, then I don’t want it.”  I, being friendly and careful of my incredible e-Bay status of %100 satisfied transactions, inform him that I do have a transformer, and if he pays shipping, I’ll throw it in.  The turd writes back rudely, “I don’t want it.”  (like I tried to cheat him)

So, what do you do?

1. Turn him in to e-Bay and wait forever for my money and let them beat him up
2. Give up and re-post the piece
3. Verbally abuse this guy and then let e-Bay kick his rear
4. Nothing


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