Soccer, (Fussball) The World’s Favorite Sport

I was at my boys soccer tournament today. It was great! I spent most of my time yelling and walking the field with the other dads (and moms). Here in Germany they take their soccer serious. We started at 13:00 and ended at 16:30. Three and a half hours of pure soccer excitement. My boys played four games throughout the day and it was so exciting, painful and fulfilling. They won one, lost one and tied for two.

My oldest, Emanuel is very good. The coach had him play in all four games without pulling him. He played two different positions. He did great! They asked us if he could play in a higher league. Sadly, he has music lessons at the same time of the F league.  The times change after winter though. So next summer he’ll be in with the big boys. (can you tell I’m proud)

My little one, Alexander played well too. He is only four, so our expectations are within reason. He is playing as well as his older brother at that age though and is learning fast.

Overall it was a nice day and great sport for my sons.

All Hail Soccer!

Go Lindheim !


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