Barrelhouse Jazz Party at the Frankfurt Alte Oper Frankfurt

Tonight’s the night! The Barrelhouse Jazz Band is in Frankfurt for their gala party in the beautiful Alte Oper, and we have tickets!

Susi and I have a baby sitter and we’re going to spend all night, and into the morning, listening to international jazz, swing and Blues.

The Barrelhouse (The Feature band) will open up the evening in the Alte Oper. The Frankfurt Alte Oper is an acoustic wonder. It’s all wood and eye candy. It seats thousands and every seat has a wonderful view of the stage. All the above make for a warm delightful atmosphere.

See pictures and more of the Alte Oper below:

Later, into the wee hours, there will be jam sessions on all the floors and in the foyer. These exciting and informal sessions go strong into the early morning and feature the best names in the European jazz scene and some greats from the US also.

Just a note; the Barrelhouse received the key to the city if New Orleans and are one of the most respected German jazz groups in Europe. They have more than 20 Cd’s out and have been on the scene for many years.

See details at link below:

I’ll continue tomorrow. I’ve got to run now, wrote this on the fly. Got to hit the shower and head off to Frankfurt.



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