The Dust Has Settled

39004-obama_2008_ilrg118Now that the dust is settling, I thought I’d say my peace on the election. With such a media frenzy and our little Blogosphere just bristling with election pieces I waited for a bit.

As I think about this election, my first question is, am I happy with the results? The answer is, not really. I don’t like Beiden and never have. So the idea of him as a Vice President does not appeal to me. I am also not a McCain fan, so this was and odd election. One where I was undecided for quite some time.

The nation definitely wanted change. I think many a voter truly had a quiet agenda to vote this way and not talk about it much. I am not happy with some of Obama’s associations of the past and am uncertain of his experience.

This all leaves me with an uneasy feeling for the future of the US. I am optimistic none the less. The American people made a decision and I support it. We the people have the power to make a difference, and I am sure Obama and his cadre know this and will do the right thing.

So we step into the future head held high, brave and sure.

Good luck and godspeed America. You decided, thats what’s important.


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