Cutting The Tree

One of the best things about Christmas is cutting down a nice tree. I love to go out and cut my own tree with my family. Even if it’s at a tree farm somewhere in Germany, it’s more fun than just buying one on a corner. I enjoy getting bundled up with my boys and going tree hunting.

This year the weather was bad for the task. We had lots of rain and high temperatures. So we had to get the boots on and be prepared for anything (like mud).imgp37661

We don’t have lots of space for a giant tree and our ceilings are low on the ground floor of our house. When we bought our place it was a flat roofed bungalow, and as we’ve grown as a family, we’ve added on to it. We have a nice corner in the living room where we put our tree and the clearance is only about 7-8 feet so we have to get a small tree.

This year my company invited all employees to a tree cutting party with good food and live music. The party was held at a tree farm and the music was a German hunting horn group. The event was wonderful and very rustic. The food was very nice from traditional German dishes to elegant international ones. There was spiced wine and hot coffee. An all around nice event.

The tree farm had some very nice large and small trees. Due to the rain there was mud everywhere. So we had thousands of people getting trees. We got there early and had lots of options. We traipsed through the mud and my sons found a lovely little tree.

I had a saw and gloves and got to cutting it down. My father in law was with us and brought the band bus so we had room for the tree, kids and all. We had a nice meal and got a nice tree. A great day all roundimgp3771



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