Looking In The Mirror

As I look into the mirror I can tell that the holidays were good. I’ve eaten and drank too much and am in desperate katja2need of a resolution. So, here I go again. Sport, diet and no alcohol for the next couple of months with hopes to take off a few kilos. I do this every year and it works. I get busy and feel good again after a few short weeks.

The real problem is maintaining this standard and continuing to lose weight and getting even healthier. Another few months and I would be lean again, not just less round. My blood pressure would go down for good and I would feel great. So why don’t I ever do this? Why do I always fall back into the trap? I put blame, like everyone else, on time. I never have enough time. What a lie; I could easily continue the regime. It’s only a short, tough forty-five minutes a day. I’m weak! Yes, it’s sad, I’m a non-disciplined wimp! But not this year, no, this year I plan to go all the way. Not just a quick fix but the full Monty!

So cross your fingers everyone and wish me luck. I’m on my way to a healthy- long life.



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