Phillip José Farmer crosses the Styx

pjffacePhillip José Farmer crossed the Styx last night and we are the worse for it. Farmer was a visionary science fiction author who was best know for his popular Riverworld series.  Farmer was a huge influence on many modern scifi writers and enthralled us all with his amazing talent.

Rest in Peace Mr. Farmer, you will be sorely missed.


2 thoughts on “Phillip José Farmer crosses the Styx

  1. Chris, I too will miss PJF. As I miss PK Dick,
    and I fear Jack Vance (oh, I love him) is blind
    and very old and I hear ailing. I just saw your comment
    on my prologue to “Gods Of The Gift”. Would you
    be into reading the whole MS? You’d be only the second
    person to get a look at it. after 35 years of development,
    it’s really coming into its own as a unique novel of
    sf/fantasy. Almost countless revisions, vast amounts
    of thought and effort, and I think it’s not perfect but
    pretty good.

  2. christophersilva

    Art, I agree, mortality is a bitter pill.
    Sure I would love to read you novel. I’ll send you a private message later tonight and we can discuss.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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