Walking On Water, oh really ?

It’s amazing, he can do no wrong. I mean this is just too much! obama_superman_awesomeEverywhere I look here in Germany and most of Europe there are articles, books and speculation on Obama.

I am in the Train on my way to Dusseldorf, workshop on Monday and Tuesday, and the guy across from me is reading an Obama book and under the title it states in German; The new statesman and visionary. Ok, since when is the guy a visionary? I mean we voted him in and I’m fine with that. But come on, visionary? He’s just getting started. Can we see if he does anything worthwhile before we praise his pants off? The Euro-girlies consider him, “just-drool-able” and that’s fine too, but his record is not that impressive yet.

I had this funny image of him walking on water with Gore sitting in a boat next to him re-inventing the internet!

Ok, so there we have it; lets just slow down here and be objective for once–please!



2 thoughts on “Walking On Water, oh really ?

  1. David

    When future society looks back on this man “visionary” will be no where near his name in the history books. He will go the way of the Chester A Aurthurs or the Franklin Pierces, no one will remember he was President for he will have accomplished nothing but making our country weaker.

    I cannot believe that his approval rating is still where it is. Do we want a saviour so bad we are willing to make believe he can walk on water and turn a blind eye at how bad things are getting screwed up?

    And, after all is said and done, the things we consider truly American, will they still be around?
    GM going bankrupt, companies trying to buy out budweiser. Where has our American pride and spirit gone?

    I see how brave and courageous our forefathers were fighting for freedom on foreign shores. The glory we won as a country contributed to our valient spirit. I fear the brave men and women who fight for us today will not get the hero’s welcome they deserve for this man in power cheapens their sacrafice with every blunder he makes.

    Our society has been dumbed down and softened by the left through the media and other cultural outlets and that courageous spirit our grandparents had has been sapped from us.

    SO, what you see in our leadership was bred from our society. Pucker up and kiss some ass because our own asses are no longer owned by u.s.

    If you want to see a glorious America teeming with courageous spirit, you will have to purchase the DVD from the history channel…

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