Apologies Abound

Well, they’re at it again, apologizing. First up today, we have Denmark’s chancellor apologizing for some private run Danish Newspaper’s cartoon running some humorous sketches about Islam. And then we have US President Obama apologizing for just about anything that America may have done wrong over the last forty years.

Come on! Why the apology binge? Is the Chancellor of Denmark somehow responsible for one of the manyenemy-of-islam newspapers in his country? Should Obama be apologizing for anything? Are we arrogant? If so, why should Obama have to apologize? I know he is the voice of America right now, but do we want our voice to be one of apology?

I think it’s time we stop apologizing and start doing something! Make things happen, stop apologizing for things out of our control!

Political correctness has a new face; the apology.


5 thoughts on “Apologies Abound

  1. Beautifully said Chris. BO has been so hyped up that a fall is inevitable, the poor sap.

    Only just realised what his initial add up to; how non-PC is that?

    Best, dave

    aka OFaBOF

    1. christophersilva

      Thanks Dave, I agree. I am getting tired of the, I’m so sorry, here. We need to look forward and stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

      If anyone understands this Dave you do.


  2. Todd McDonald

    Am I missing out on this much by not having television? I guess I’m not catching it all reading the news online. I always thought that it was in every politicians book to show some empathy. Some of this presidential empathy goes a long way like to the Native Americans but for a decision that saved a million lives from ending a war quickly (Hiroshima), that is just wrong.

  3. christophersilva

    Todd, I’m not sure empathy equals apology…

    Lets wait and see how this pans out.

    Thanks for commenting sir.


  4. It’s like this. For one group to be strong, they have to utilize others, not manipulate them. Much manipulation has been going on and it is like they say, what goes around comes around. Sad, but true…nature of the beast here. When powers shift, the now weaker one fears retaliation. That is where the “we are sorry” and “forgive us” stuff comes from. I say, treat people the way you would want to be treated. Say things were not done right in the past, maybe we can make them better, but in this place (earth) it is kill or be killed, no place for apologies. What’s done is done. Move on.

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