Lovin’ The Android

I picked up my new phone last week. It’s the HTC Magic, and runs the Android OS. And Android is probably the most Android.phpdynamic OS I have ever seen on a phone. New applications are arriving daily and most are still free. I believe that the amount of official applications is now over 7,000 on the Android Market and I have noticed the hundreds of new ones, yes hundreds, are popping up every few days. The beauty is that many of these apps are top notch and can easily compete with iphone. As a matter of fact, many popular iphone applications have already been properly ported to Andriod.

Lets have a look at Android:

Android is an operating system for mobile devices like mobile telephones. The Android OS was designed by Google and takes advantage of many of the web and cloud based Google features, such as Gmail and Picasa.  Android is open and can be developed by any developer. Android multitasks, something that the iphone does not do. Android is a solid OS and is now at version 1.5 “cupcake” with continuous development from Google. Combine Android with a great mobile phone like the newest from HTC and you have a winning combination of hardware and Software. Much like the iphone there is GPS functionality too include compass, wireless network, 3G, and so much more. Also considering Google’s solid web and cloud applications like Calendar, Gmail, Picasa, Contacts, you’re basically up and running in minutes. Unpack the phone, turn it on, and it takes you through very simple steps and connects you to Google and drops your contacts gives you access to Picasa and Email.

Honestly, I have never had a phone setup so simple and straightforward.  Truly a dream to get running. The next step is to go into the “Market” (the Google server where all the Android applications lie waiting for you to install). When I first looked in the Market I was shocked at the amount of available applications.  Moments later I was pleasantly surprised at plethora of good quality free apps. I felt as if I’d struck gold.  I quickly realized that I could just go  crazy and start installing tons of apps and playing and testing them, or, I could have a look on the net and read the experiences of other users and be more selective. I took the second strategy and it paid off in spades. I quickly found well organized sites with good solid reviews that aimed me in the right direction. An hour later I had a list of applications that I thought were right for me. The great thing is that I was able to use the HTC’s bar code reader, yes I said bar code reader on these sites and they carried my phone right to the right in the market to begin the installation. I am not joking. I held my phone’s camera and aimed it at the 2d bar code on my Macbook and, ‘beep,’ my phone asked me if I wanted to go to the market and get the app. So I went through this process and was able to install 15 apps in no time.

I played around with these apps and found them to be not only useful but downright amazing. I’ll include a list of my top 5, but I must say there are just tons of good applications out there. Most of these are free and I have to tip my hat to the talented developers who put these products together and support them daily.

I’ll continue this review tomorrow. It’s time to get the boys ready for bed. Thanks for reading and comeback and have a look at the fun I am having with my new Android phone.


3 thoughts on “Lovin’ The Android

  1. christophersilva

    Hi Todd, thanks for commenting. Yes, the Google phone, HTC Magic is great. I have been having lots of fun with this device and just when I think I’ve sampled its limits, I find a cool new app that takes me further.


  2. christophersilva

    Hi Todd, have a look here:


    This is a site dedicated to the App market and you can see, look-up and read about all the great apps for Android. The ones I like the most are:

    ASTRO manager
    Barcode scanner
    Meridian media player
    Skymap from Google
    GPS Status
    Here I am


    just to name a few.


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