Lovin’ The Android II

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As I mentioned yesterday, I love my new HTC Magic Android phone. I went into some of the details about the OS and that Google designed it.  Now I’ll go over my favorite Applications and throw a few links in there too.

There are so many applications out for Android one can lose days just looking through the options. I have a few that I have found very functional, fun and well developed.


ASTRO Manager, Barcode Scanner, Taskiller and Appmanager, ChompSMS


Meridian Player – plays everything so I use if for videos and music.


Google Maps, Here I am, Layer


XGalaga, Chess, Space Wars, Cestos


USA Today, Weather Channel, Stern, FoxNews

I have about 25 apps installed but the ones above I use daily. I love the barcode scanner. I scan a DVD and the phone goes online and finds a detailed description and looks for the least expensive price and location nearest me – cool eh!

I have a playstation portable (PSP) and have lots of movies in that format, so I just move them onto the 8gb sd chip and I can use Meridian to watch them on the phone.

As you can see, I am a big fan of this OS and hardware.  Get out and have a look at it, I’m sure you will be as impressed as I am.


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