Aging Fast

I woke up this morning and while getting out of bed I felt the usual sharp pain in my back. Heading towards the bathroom, my knee made a few clicks and gave me the ole, “good morning sir”schmerz.

Looking in the mirror, I saw wrinkles and crows feet. I was now a sad shadow of the sprite youth I once was.

It hit me again when I had my breakfast, and looked down at the hand full of vitamins and pills, gelatinous and some colorful.

Where did it go- time? It seems to be spiraling out of control. It seemed just yesterday when I was holding my first son, a swaddling baby. Today, he has a soccer tournament and I am asking him not to foul anyone.

It’s odd, in my mind I am still twenty but my body is starting to show wear and tear.

I now understand what my Grandfather said when he was ninety. “Here (pointing to his head) I am still young, but this (pointing at his body) has run out of time.” He died a couple of years later. He had an exceptional life and I understand his frustration. His body just stopped cooperating with his mind.

Aging is tough, I guess it is how we age though that’s important. Staying fit and healthy.

I guess I better start sometime. tomorrow, it’s off to the pool.


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