The Barnes and Noble Nook is a hacker’s playground for Android developers

Over at the Android and Me site, I found this interesting article.  They have now “rooted” the Nook ! This means they can install normal apps on the thing and also develop interesting new apps to take advantage of the two screens. This opens up a whole new world for the Andoird market.

So not only do you have a cool ebook reader but also an Andriod playground on the color screen !

Here’s what they said over at Android and Me:

The software root method was actually made possible by old-school Android modder Jesusfreke (read our interview). He doesn’t even own a Nook, but he worked with the team at nookDevs and was able to use his previous Android experience to create the exploit.

Now that anyone can easily hack their Nook and install apps, the challenge becomes building apps that are designed for the device. Steven Troughton-Smith has a blog post up that explains how to setup the Android SDK to emulate the Nook environment.

Modders are also working to create a special input method since most apps are designed for touch input. The Nook’s bottom LED screen supports touch, but the e-Ink display does not. Users must setup a VNC server to control the top screen right now.

Now if only Barnes & Noble had some units to sell. The latest reports place the next shipment sometime in February, but you can pre-order one online or in stores.

Get over and read this article in full:


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