It’s Gonna Be Great !

2010 should be an exciting year for all of us.

My job is moving at a rockets pace, with my international projects ramping-up nicely. My team has grown fast and I hired five new members during the last quarter of 2009. I will add around another nine in early 2010. With that said, my writing has suffered. I told myself I would concentrate on my new job and get things rolling, once organized I would write seriously again. Well, it has been a year now and I have written very little. The good news, things are settling down and I will once again focus on writing.

The interesting news:
I will be featured in issue 5 of Abandoned Towers magazine coming out in print early, 2010.  Please get out there and get a copy. I’ll send the link and ISBN when it comes out.

A new humor anthology, People of Few Words Volume 2, is being released, and they picked a couple of my older pieces to publish. I was very surprised by this one.  I received and e-mail from the publisher with the request and contract. I wrote a quick reply and after a bit of correspondence we agreed on two short pieces I wrote and published ages ago.  So these will be re-pubs, but it’s nice to see a breath of new life blown into my older work.

I haven’t written much and have been getting beaten up a bit by friends and fans alike.  I hope to get busy and finish over fifteen short manuscripts, and complete the damn book that has been a sixty-page paperweight on my desk.

For all you friendly editors (friends and family who read and offer advice) and professional editors, who beat me up, reject and once and a while accept my work, thank you. Thanks for the long hours of reading and critiquing and honest support.

2010 will be a great year for sci-fi, fantasy and horror, my genres. Avatar, Twilight and Fringe like star Wars is opening up sci-fi and fantasy to a whole new generation, and hopefully this new gen will become avid readers and maybe even writers of the stuff. We’ve seen some frightening horror filmed and published, and the fan base growth is amazing. With the current successful odd mix of the two like Pandorum, we see the genre revitalized as it was with Aliens.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, 2010 looks to be a great year for us readers and writers!


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