One Android To Rule The World

With Android moving onto tablets there is just no stopping this mobile operating system. As we celebrate Android’s 2nd birthday I’m pleasantly surprised at how fast this OS was adopted. It’s amazing- the amount of buzz generated. Android based phones have surpassed all sales expectations and there is no end in sight. So what did Google do right and what are their next steps in securing their mobile empire… (Rubbing hands together rapidly)

What did Google do right — just about everything. Google purchased a small company with a slick mobile OS and pampered and supported it though the initial transition phase into Google. Then they ensured success with an approach freedom, flexibility and openness. This was a simple recipe for success.

Next Google sunk bundles into marketing and quickly found mobile providers and hardware OEM’s to get one board. Once HTC and T-Mobile were in the game the odds for success went up dramatically.  And once we saw the first release of combined hardware and software we were all surprised at what a solid package it was. Certainly not perfect, but none the less solid. It was instantly attractive to the technically savvy due to its open and free OS. Most young developers love freedom and they especially love free SDK’s and phones. Google started giving them out by the pallets and within months the apps started popping up.

Google quickly set up the Android AppStore with guidelines that makes Apple blush. Ah – how free and open it was, no big brother Apple monitoring, censoring and basically heavy handed controlling of everything. This brought even more developers- and they were coming on board in hordes.

Once the Hardware OEM’s got wind of a good mobile OS they could use for free – well, it’s not hard to figure out what happened next.

To be continued:


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