Computer World: Apple is “taking over the game market”

Will Apple one day soon supplant Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony as the king of the gaming market? ComputerWorld’s Jonny Evans makes a good argument for that outcome in his latest column. As portable devices like the iPhone and iPad get increasingly powerful, the games that can be played directly on them are looking better all the time. Just in terms of portable game sales, iOS devices easily beat the Sony PSP in volume and are competitive with, if not beating, long time champion Nintendo.

Looking forward, the horsepower of console systems will likely increase but it may not be enough to help stay afloat. Apple will shortly be rolling out AirPlay which allows media to be sent from the portable device to an Apple TV. There is no reason that AirPlay can’t be expanded to include sending games from the iPad screen to the big screen. It’s also probable that Apple will add app downloads to the Apple TV itself which could potentially allow the handheld device to simply be the controller.

Services like OnLive are already demonstrating that a fast internet pipe and a server farm can take the place of the local console. Apple still hasn’t revealed what it plans to do with its North Carolina data center, but there is no reason why it couldn’t support high-end gaming in addition to streaming music and video. It’s looking like the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii may well be the last generation of the traditional gaming console.

What are your thoughts?  Can Apple succeed in such a competitive market?


3 thoughts on “Computer World: Apple is “taking over the game market”

  1. KC

    Apple will continue to have a small gaming market
    for the iphone and ipad. However the hardware and processing power of those devices is nowhere near
    as powerful as that on a normal gaming console.

    Gaming consoles can also be faster than normal computers at certain tasks. The USAF has even
    built a huge date crunching grid computer based
    on them.

    If Apple really wanted to be a gaming company they would not have: 1) Missed the chance to by Bungee Software. 2) Would not have passed on buying the device which would later come to be known as the Microsoft Kinect.

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