One Android To Rule The World -Part 2

See part 1 here:

HTC had been producing solid Windows Mobile handsets for a while and had a good name for innovation and quality. The problem was- their market was still a niche market. Basically most Windows Mobile users were Admins and IT folks who were sick of the Enterprise allure of  RIM’s Blackberry. These “geeks” were buying up the HTC devices and were spreading the news about quality speed and innovative usage of WM6.5.  What HTC needed was a breakthrough, something to really get their device in the hands of everyman. And when they saw Google’s new Android, they could smell success.

HTC was smart, the provided Google a solid little device that was innovative, robust and yet at a price that was more affordable than their earlier WM range. The manufactured the G1, or Google phone 1. This would be Google’s first foray into the mobile world and they had a lot riding on it. Google was also very clever spreading the cost of production to HTC and incorporating a marketing plan that would almost be fully sponsored by T-Mobile.

The G1 was a slick little device with a small 3.2 inch capacitive screen and a slide-out keyboard. The device was dreamy. The keyboard was tactile and the scree sweet with vivid colors. It was sized just right and felt solid and robust. Basically, the G1 was a quality product.  As marketing kicked in sells began to rocket. And the word was spreading that this was a capable little phone with good reception and a great little new mobile OS.

The G1’s greatest attribute was of course, Android. The G1 had icons and a clean UI that some were comparing to iOS from Apple. At the same time Google was feeding free phones and the SDK to developers. They’re mission was an “OPEN” OS. And developers love nothing more than freedom.

Most mobile developers had enjoyed great financial success with the iOS and Apple but felt boxed in by Apple’s heavy handed approach to App-Store management. And Android was a breath of fresh air. As Google opened the Android App Market many were shocked to see how many apps were being developed. Come on! The Blackberry had been around for years and had only a few thousand apps..

Android’s App-Market opened strong and never stopped!

To be continued:


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