Windows Phone 7- oh really?

With Windows Phone 7 hitting the streets and maybe even being dropped to Verizon this holiday season, I have one simple question. Do we really care?

I also love a bit of competition, but Microsoft is so late to the game- do they even have a chance?

Android, Apple’s IOS and RIM are pushing hard with phones and tablets galore, what the he’ll was Microsoft thinking? What happened to the smart, innovative technology firm of the 80’s and 90’s? Do we blame it all on Ballmer? It seems to me that Microsoft is sitting on it’s laurels enjoying the income from Office and Windows 7. Innovation, not really.

I would like to see Microsoft get back in the game. How do they do it? They invest huge sums in r&d but tend to toss all the results into the can. There has been some interesting results but none have seen the lint of day. Are these being stymied by Ballmer himself?

One thing is for sure, if they don’t do something soon they’ll miss out on many opportunities from tablets to mobile OS and more.

Come on Microsoft!


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