TRON Legacy – coming to to a theater near you!

Oh the anticipation. I am very excited about TRON Legacy.

When the original film was released by Disney in 1982 I was stunned by the special effects. It was so ahead of it’s time, with the smooth animated backgrounds and the actors seamlessly intertwined in every scene. This was a great movie.

I have always waited for a sequel and finally it is on the way.

With Tron Legacy to be released in the near future, what can we expect?

1. I would expect better special effects, it’s been over twenty years and they’ve had the time and the technology to get it right. After all, this is a film based on tech, right.

2. The writers and the producers have had the time and wherewithal to write it right and get the proper actors in place.

3. It just has to be good, right!

As we all wait, let’s hope this will be another groundbreaking feature film.

Anyone else as excited as I am about this up and coming release?



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