iOS 4.3 rumored for December ?

It’s only been a day since 4.2 came out but MacStories is claiming a “reliable source” has told them Apple was targeting a December release for their next update for the iPad (as well as all other iOS devices). Find out the details after the break.

MacStories says:

when Apple didn’t know about the WiFi issues in the GM seed of iOS 4.2, the OS was scheduled to be released weeks before Nov. 22nd. Apple found out about the WiFi issues, released a second GM build and iOS 4.2 came out yesterday. It came out in November, but it should have been out in the first half of November. Anyway, before the WiFi issues were discovered, Apple was already planning to release a new build of iOS 4.x in mid-December. Most specifically, they were planning for an iOS 4.3 release on December 13th, which is a Monday.

Our source tells us it is unclear whether the “extra time” that was required to ship iOS 4.2 (actually, it’s iOS 4.2.1) will cause a delay for the rumored release of iOS 4.3 on December 13th or not. iOS 4.3 should, however, include bug fixes and maintenance of the code. It’s likely that 4.3 will also address the initial issues found in AirPlay, but we can’t confirm this just yet.

So the word is that it is meant to come out with the  rumored App Store subscriptions Apple may be planning to launch alongside Newscorps’ The Daily iPad newspaper app. This might be the case as their is a rumor of a Apple special event with Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch.

Could we really see iOS 4.3 in December, a month or less after the last update? Is it a bit quick? Will a reliable 4.2 Jailbreak be already out by then? Tell me your thoughts.


Thanks to MACstories


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