Woow Digital’s The One tablet cooks up Tegra 2 with Gingerbread just in time for Christmas??

Engadget just released the above title on their homepage. Can it be true? An Android Gingerbread tablet out for Christmas! 

I fully believe that Woow are releasing a tablet before Christmas, but can it really have the new Android OS, Gingerbread- I don’t think so. Of course, I am not sure but Android Gingerbread has not been released yet. I do know it is in the wild for test purposes, but Google has a solid rule that they release the SDK prior to any releases from device manufactures. So what does this mean, lets have a look at the specs on the Engadget site and see what we can dig up.

Here are the specs listed on the engadget site:

“the internal equipment includes an NVIDIA Tegra 2 core, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of flash storage. Up front you’ll find a 10-inch display spanning a 1024 x 600 resolution, while wireless connectivity is taken care of with Bluetooth, WiFi and WCDMA 3G radios built in. Woow tells us it plans to launch The One in Japan before Christmas at a price of ¥42,000 ($504), which will be followed up by availability in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe.”

Now Engadet is a great source and are almost always right, but this one I just don’t see for 2010.

So, I hit Woow’s site and there was no sign of the tablet mentioned above. They do have a couple of tablets coming but the specs are rather boring, go ahead and have a look after the jump:




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