iPad, MacBook Air sell well on Black Friday

If you visited an Apple Store last Friday I bet the place was packed — you probably had to wait just for a chance to enter the store and once inside, employees were frequently dipping into stacks of MacBook Airs and iPhones. Your experience wasn’t unique as Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

Along with anecdotal evidence like mine, Piper Jaffray polled 100 Apple Stores by phone to come up with some real numbers. They found that Macs were selling at the rate of 8.2 units per hour per store, down from 8.3 last year. iPads were selling at 8.8 per hour. Gene Munster noted for Piper Jaffray that the iPad was gaining traction among demographics that typically avoid Macs, though specifics on those groups were not provided. Munster concluded by calling the iPad “the Mac of the masses,” and it does seem to be becoming just that.

Additionally, the MacBook Air sold quite well on Friday, according to Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank. Whitmore polled 100 Apple Stores over the weekend as well as 50 3rd-party retailers selling Apple’s goods. While he didn’t provide any numbers, he did quote employees as calling the 11-inch Air a “customer favorite” that was “flying off the shelves.” (via TUAW)


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