Samsung Sells 600,000 Galaxy Tabs –

Samsung announced on Sunday that sales of their Galaxy Tab have exceeded 600,000 units so far since launch. In Samsung’s home country of South Korea, around 30,000 units have already been sold since launch on November 14th.

According to The Korea Herald, the Galaxy Tab has been on sale for “just a month”, and is currently being sold in over 30 countries. Samsung apparently mentioned that demand in most countries was outpacing supply, indicating that sales will likely continue to grow quickly for the device.

With the coming of the holiday season, expect the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to increase significantly, as it is the highest-end Android tablet offering currently available. I wouldn’t be surprised if, come early January, Samsung announced sales of over 1 million Galaxy Tab devices.

Like the Galaxy S handset, Samsung seems to be slightly altering the Galaxy Tab for some markets, such as the US, by removing features such as the ability to make calls, and Wi-Fi only variants. The availability of the 3G-device on several carriers in the USA will likely result in the sales of the Galaxy Tab to continue way past the 1 million mark.

Now that we know this, how does Galaxy Tab fare aginst the iPad sale? What are your thoughts?


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