How to find Text in Safari on iOS4.2.1

The recent iOS 4.2 update for the iPad added a lot of new features to the device. One update that is a very welcome update, is the ability to search for text within web pages in the Mobile Safari app. It was a missing bit of functionality that always bugged us when browsing on the iPad. So now it’s here, find out how it works.

Apple kept this real nice and simple. Find in Page has been built right into the standard Google search bar. That’s the search bar that is just to the right of the URL address line at the top of the Safari app.

So when you type in your search word, you get a popover dialog with some Google suggestions – you just need to scroll down on that list and you’ll see the section titled ‘On This Page’, and the number of results in parentheses.

Once you tap on ‘Find X’ (your search term), Safari shows the first instance of it on the page you’re on. It also shows a thin control bar at the bottom that tells you that it is showing 1 of X and has a Next button to jump to the next instance of the search term.

Simple as that. I love how it’s been implemented and so far it looks like its working well – even when there are many results. Go and try it now – and tell me what you think of this feature.



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