Native Google Reader app finally comes to Android

Twitter might have replaced RSS as the main service that people use to get their news feeds, but there’s still a good portion of us (especially bloggers) that will never give up our RSS feeds.

We’ve been begging Google for a native version of Reader ever since Android was released, but it was starting to look like that would never happen. Thankfully someone at Google was listening and the Reader team just released their native app to the Android Market.

I just installed the app and only played with it for a few minutes, but it looks to include all the features you would need. Reader automatically syncs with your Google login and it even supports multiple accounts. Users can also search RSS feeds by keyword, track keyword searches, follow blogs and profiles on various social sites, and easily share content with friends.

Additional features include the ability to use volume keys for article navigation and the option to enable plug-in content in-line.

If you are new to RSS, give the app a try and go search Android. Those of you that want to follow our site, just subscribe to the link below.


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