iPad 2 News: iPad 2 to Have LCD Screen

While the next gen iPad won’t be boasting Retina Display, we are hearing what the screen will look like. Will the new screen be more easily read in bright sunlight?

We’ve been hearing that the iPad 2 will have a brighter screen, but further details have been slow in coming. Retina Display, now used on the iPhone, won’t work with the larger iPad screen, but other options have been mentioned. Now DigiTimes of Taiwan has revealed that the next iPad will have an LCD screen made from an LCD panel and a Back Light Unit (BLU), rather than the active-matrix OLED screen being used on many other mobile devices. The OLED screen may have been rejected by Apple as less suitable for displaying text.

According to DigiTimes, “Coretronic has reportedly entered the supply chain for the second generation iPad, and will supply BLUs to Chimei Innolux (CMI) and LG Display. It is understood that Coretronic is the only BLU supplier of CMI for iPad 2, while LG Display is getting iPad 2 BLUs from Coretronic and Radiant Opto-Electronics.” This should make the new iPads easier to read in bright sunlight, a feature sought after by many buyers.


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