Keyboard Shortcuts for the iPad

The iPad works fantastically with a bluetooth keyboard or the keyboard dock. What is more exciting or us, is that with a keyboard connected – you can use shortcuts (just like OSX) for more efficient usage. Take a look after the jump for a list of all the keyboard shortcuts.
CMD – c (Copy selected text)
CMD – x (Cut selected text)
CMD – v (Paste)
CMD – z (Undo)
CMD – shift – z (Redo)
CMD – Up Arrow (Jump to top of document)
CMD – Down Arrow (Jump to bottom of document)
CMD – Left Arrow (Jump to beginning of line)
CMD – Right Arrow (Jump to end of line)
CMD – Delete (Delete everything on the current line to the left of the cursor)
Option – Delete (Delete the word to the left of the cursor, and its preceding space)
F1 (Dim Screen)
F2 (Brighten Screen)
F7 (Back one song)
F8 (Play/Pause Music)
F9 (Skip one song ahead)
F10 (Mute)
F11 (Volume Down)
F12 (Volume Up)
Eject key (Show/hide on-screen keyboard)
Also, all of the standard shortcuts for special characters still seem to work, like our beloved option – shift – k.

Apple’s keyboard dock has additional keys for locking the iPad, search, and home. I’m disappointed that those keys did not find an equivalent on the Bluetooth keyboard. I’m also disappointed that not all applications have full access to the key events sent from the keyboard. Most third-party apps that I’ve tested only have access to basic text entry and ignore the escape key or control characters.


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