Weird Science gets hammered the old-fashioned way

Booze works best via traditional intake approaches: This is a new one to me, but Danes apparently have an urban myth that alcohol can be absorbed via the soles of their feet. So, being good empiricists, three doctors decided to test this, using themselves as subjects in what they term an “open labelled self experimental study.” After pouring three bottles of vodka into a basin they sat and talked for three hours, measuring their blood alcohol concentrations and self-rating their levels of intoxication. The myth? Busted. They couldn’t detect any alcohol in the blood stream, and most of the self-ratings came back negative. “Although self confidence and urge to speak increased slightly at the start of the study, probably due to the setup,” they note.

I suspected, however, that they were drinking when they wrote, “The implications of the study are many though.” This was confirmed when I read their list of implications, which included the suggestion that it was perfectly safe to drive or pilot a boat while wearing vodka-filled boots.


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