Spec Sheets for PalmPad Leaked

There’s one thing certain about the upcoming CES in Las Vegas: there will be tablets galore. The runaway success of the iPad coupled with the lackluster sales of PC notebooks has forced computer brands to develop their own tablets, lots of them. FoxNews claims to have uncovered these images of HP’s PalmPad, set to make its debut at CES. HP is expected to bring out three models of the PalmPad with slightly differing hardware, all running WebOS 2.5.1.

The PalmPad will come packing a few features so far missing from Apple’s iPad, like an HDMI port and both front and rear-facing cameras. It will be slightly thinner and lighter with a similarly-sized screen, and will run on Sprint’s 4G network. Also in the works, but not being presented at CES, is a fourth model custom-tailored for university students and sporting an 8.9” screen.

So far, so good, but I don’t see any major innovation—just an iPad ripoff with a different OS. I have to question using the Palm name, which takes most of us back to those Palm Pilot things we dragged around before smartphones came along. HP has already struck out once with its HP Slate, which came and went very briefly this fall.

It’s nice that FoxNews is so impressed with this iPad wannabe, but the PalmPad better come equipped with some flashier bells and whistles—and a lower price tag—if it expects to compete with the second generation iPad coming in spring 2011. (ipad net)


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