Motorola Xoom unsubsidized price starts showing up online

After the Motorola Xoom was released everyone was talking about how it would be the tablet of 2011. While the iPad 2 isn’t out yet, and rumored specs (2MP camera with VGA front, for example) don’t put it above the Xoom, the pricing will be essential for Moto to actually get this thing sold. Read past the break to see what your wallet is about to bleed out if the Xoom caught your fancy.

Earlier in the week the recommended sales price without a contract showed up at Best Buy – $799. Ouch. Sure, the Xoom bests most other tablets out there and there’s some premium to being a Google Experience device without BLUR (confirmed by Moto), but that’s a little ridiculous.

I’m sure the subsidized version will be somewhat better, though looking at the Galaxy Tab pricing it might still be a little off. My problem with shelling out that much money for a tablet is that we’re talking high-end laptop pricing there. 5-600 is where I draw the line for a device that can do most of what I need to do, without the option of MS Office and other software. And while this doesn’t mean much for European retailers launching the tablet later in the year, they probably won’t be straying too far, at least not for the unsubsidized version.

Now, it seems that Best Buy didn’t dig the recommended price either and will be selling the device at $699, slightly more bearable. Also available in some leaked documentation is a launch date- February 17th state-side.

Droid-Life also made a nice graph comparing the Xoom to the current iPad.


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