Will Apple Be Implementing Light Peak Technology In The Near Future?

CNet yesterday reported that Apple is expected to be one of the first adopters of Intel’s Light Peak technology, possibly starting with next week’s rumored MacBook upgrades. The technology is touted by Intel as a way to eliminate the many different cables that computers use such as USB, HDMI and FireWire, creating an all-in-one connectivity solution and Intel has detailed that a first half of 2011 launch is expected.

A source told CNet that Apple intends to adopt the technology in the near future but will supposedly brand the connection under a different name to Light Peak. Whilst CNet couldn’t deduce whether or not the rumoured MacBook update on February 24 would include a Light Peak announcement or inclusion, there has been rumors of more than just a spec-bump in the next update of the MacBooks, possibly suggesting the inclusion of Light Peak.

One drawback to the initial Light Peak product is that Intel executives have said that the initial launch will not include fiber-optic technology but rather copper, citing practicality and cost issues. As a result Light Peak will initially not have any speed advantage of competing technologies of USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb, however once the switch to fiber-optics is made Light Peak will be able to vastly exceed such speeds that USB 3.0 bring.

Intel initially demoed Light Peak at their developer conference in 2009 using OS X and Engadget soon after reported that Apple had supposedly went to Intel with the concept and asked them to create the technology. Furthermore the Engadget report had heard that Apple was planning to implement Light Peak into it’s 2010 Fall update of MacBooks. Via MacRumors, CNet


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