Could Ridley Scott be working on a new Blade Runner?

This worries me a bit. I loved this film and would hate to see a poorly made reboot of it. This is what I read so far:

Once he finishes with Alien spinoff Prometheus, Ridley Scott will get to work on some kind of new Blade Runner film — a sequel, prequel, reboot or something. In the world of nerdia that’s big news, but it also leaves a lot of unanswered questions about what he plans to do with one of sci-fi’s essential films.

Since there’s little to do between now and the time the cameras start rolling except speculate (and worry) about what this new Blade Runner will look like (Blade Walker starring Harrison Ford?), we’re cranking the conjecture up to 11 and taking wild guesses at what other reboots of Scott’s back-catalog could look like.

Without further adieu, may we present our Wildly Speculative List of Top Six Potential (But Highly Unlikely) Ridley Scott Reboots.



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