Nexus Prime and iphone 5. What to do?

With winter coming and Christmas around the corner- many of us are thinking about gifts. What to get our wife, husband or kids? As we all know,  tech is an easy and valued gift. Everyone loves to have a new mobile device or tech toy and the options are frankly enormous.

With Windows phones, Blackberrys and our beloved Android, we’re simply overloaded with options.  Also we can’t forget, Apple’s up and coming offering, the new iphone5.

What to do? I personally find the options for Android to be almost overwhelming. I gave my wife the LG Optimus Speed and I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 so we’re set for a while. But the options are coming so fast and each one is faster, better and cooler than the next. This may be a tough year for making a decision which phone to give as a gift.

One thing about Apple is the quality is good and opttions are limited. It will be interesting to see what Apple delivers in October. I hope we see a great iphone5 and iphone4S. Will you be giving your loved one a new iphone?

We also have the new merger with Google and Motorola. Google will soon bring its Nexus Prime to market and we all no it will offer NFC and more. Will it be from Samsung of the first new product from the Google Motorola merger? Let’s see. Are you waiting for the Prime?

We can’t forget the other tech stuff like the new media devices from Sony. The new Walkman looks pretty cool and would make any kid a great gift.

Will you be giving the gift of technology this year? If so, what are thinking about? Chime in anytime and offer us all some tips.


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