Funny ! Belated-


One thought on “Funny ! Belated-

  1. Tina

    Ha! I purchased the book Bent Objects while I was away on vacation in Vermont a few years ago. This picture was in there and, to my embarrassment, I laughed outloud. I still think this is just soooo funny. Terry Border has a terrific website/blog named after his book. I miss this book because I mailed it to Legless——his wife is very ill and I thought it might give him a chuckle. It was nice to find this in my inbox tonight.
    Chris………while I have you……….thank you for teaching me “true acceptance”. And I still enjoy your story Lurking very much. I haven’t grown tired of it and its been a few years. I hope you and your family are happy, well, and in a blissful state of peace. Very truly yours, Tina

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