The New iPhone 5 – Yawn……

OK, it’s here, the new iPhone 5 – yawn.

Why the “yawn”. because I’m simply not that excited with Apple’s new flagship device.

A quick note: I currently have and iPhone4S from my firm that I use as a daily company driver (thought I’d better mention this as the fan flames come in).

One of the things that is popping up rapidly in the Apple fan blogs is, to not think geek and discuss the technical specs of the new iPhone. But to merit it on how it looks and feels to the consumer. So, I’ll try and do that here.

The iPhone5 to me looks and feels very much like the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4. Sure, it is shiny and a bit lighter and have a slightly larger screen.  But, to me at least, it looks the same as the last one.  Ok, the back is brushed aluminum.

When I look at the video and the photos of this device and take away the huge amount of Market speak. I see an improvement on an already solid device. Again, it is lighter and faster, and it has a smaller connector and a ever so slightly bigger screen.

So, there you have it. From the consumer side of things.

What made me yawn here was the lack of true innovation that is the usual calling card of Apple. This device looks, feels and is almost identical to last years. Again, for me not a whole lot of innovation here. Sure, Wow, that thing is thinner. and Oh, it is faster. But these are the telephone industry standards of progress, not innovation. All new phones are faster and lighter and have bigger screens.

This year we have seen some solid innovation in terms of phones from Samsung, Nokia, and even HTC.. Innovation in terms of NFC, charging mats and of course the Galaxy Note 1-2. These devices have come out of firms thinking out of the box. The Galaxy SIII with NFC sold 20 Million devices in a blink of the eye. The reason is that it offered new technology to the consumer, not just improved current tech. And, I have to disagree with the blogs. Our consumers have become tech-savy. Yes, they know what they’re looking for in terms of technology and to think they don’t is simply absurd.

Sure, Apple is king. but is the iPhone. Not to me it’s not!

I hope to get my hands on one soon and maybe then I’ll change my mind. But what I have taken away from the current videos and photos make me a bit sleepy.



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