Loving’ the movies right now!

With Christmas coming soon all the great movies of 2012 are starting to come out on disc. Susi and I had a great couple of evenings just sitting back and enjoying great flicks.

We had a great time watching, Skyfall, the new Bond movie, The Dark Knight Rises and Savages. All three were good.

Savages let me down a bit, and I was surprised by some of the choices made by Oliver Stone. He seemed bent on a new style (Tarantino). This is sad because he is a damn good director and has his own flair. Where it during the filming of Savages I’ll never know.

Skyfall, was a solid Bond movie and I’m pleased to see this franchise back on track. Bond was right where he needed to be, drunk and tormented. This is how he is in the books and this is how he should be. The last movie, Quantum- whatever left me dissatisfied. So thumbs up for Skyfall.

Best of all, The Dark Night Rises, came in on top. I truly enjoyed this film. Oldman was great as usual, and Bane was simply an awesome nemesis. The twist at the end (not going to give it away) was a super surprise and fit in just right. It’s the, “How in the hell could I have missed that,”moment. As Robin materialized in the end I simply nodded, good movie.


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