Finishing up for the day

Yep, today is coming to an end. Worked pretty hard and published a couple of pieces in the awesome international Android blog, Androidpit.

It’s fun to write. Even at work, when I have a moment free I tend to throw down on my iPad. The tablet has really enabled me in terms of writing. I have it with me in meetings and just about everywhere. When in meetings, if they get a bit boring, I’ll just start to write. And of course everyone thinks I’m taking notes. It is not really the iPad that is special, it is having a great medium for writing in a small package. If it was an Android tablet or a Microsoft one, it really wouldn’t matter. Something light, thin and extremely portable is all you need as a writer.

So I’m going to eat something, have a drink with my colleagues and head home for the day. Life is good. With thanksgiving coming up I feel good about being in Germany. No turkey stress.

Got to run. Time to relax a bit. Have a nice night and a great turkey day tomorrow.


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