Apple’s shake-up is good for Android

I know this is not directly related to Android. But I believe that when certain things happen within Apples’ business it can have a ripple effect for Android folks. We’ve seen lots of personnel changes during the last month at Apple. Many senior managers have been let go. Just recently (yesterday) Richard Williamson, IOS Maps lead was fired by Eddie Cue.

What does this mean for us? It means that Apple is showing signs of stress and growing pains. Many of these folks had been with Apple for many years, and before with NexT. A couple were Steve Jobs insiders. So why is this happening now? Could Apple be going through a much needed shake-up? We may never really know the inner workings of Apple. They are a secretive bunch. But we do know that this is bad for their image.

This is also good for Android. When Apple trips up and has its image tarnished or shows signs of organizational issues, it is always good for Android. I personally feel for the individuals and their families. But I am also pleased with the fact that everything Apple doesn’t always shine.



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