Apple Seeds New IOS Release

Looks like Apple is working hard, as they should be. Google, and now Microsoft are knocking out releases one after the other. Today Apple seeded 6.1 beta 3 to Developers. So we – the masses should see a much needed bug fix coming around for Christmas or maybe worse, after New Years.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had odd problems with my iPad 3 since the release of iOS 6. Mostly connectivity issues. My WLAN connectivity is as fickle as a three year old in a candy store. It wants more but just can’t seem to maintain a solid connection. I never had this with the 5.X versions. This is definitely new and no fun. Of course there are other noteworthy bugs, but this is the one that I feel daily at home and abroad.

Let’s hope Apple has cleaned up iOS. So, Goooo-Apple!



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