Can an e-reader for under 200 Euro replace my iPad?

While in Florida I had a chance to purchase a Nook HD for an amazing price. During our vacation I used the device heavily for reading. The Nook is half the weight of the iPad 3, which makes it a pleasure to use in bed or sitting around. What surprised me was the quality of the screen and the speed of the device in general.

The Nook HD, as stated in its nomenclature, has an HD display that is amazingly sharp. Sharper even than the iPad’s retina display. The Nook HD simply has more ppi than iPad, 243 in all. It also sports a laminated technology that makes it easier to read in sunlight and it uses very little power. Nook HD also comes with a modern 1.3 GhZ dual core processor, and though running a proprietary build on top of Android OS 4.04, this thing runs real smooth.

The Nook HD is also rootable. One of the first things I did when I returned home was root the device and I am very pleased with the results.

I hope to write more about my new device but will simply say for less than 200 dollars you can’t go wrong with the Nook HD.

More later ; -)



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