From Sunshine to Snowfall

I just returned from a two week repast in southern Florida. From a sunny 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit in Orlando, to an icy 25-30 here in Germany.

We flew from Frankfurt into Atlanta, and spent a few days getting to know the city known as the Headquarters of Coca Cola and CNN (Will go into Atlanta later). Then we traveled slowly south to Savannah, and then St. Augustine. In the end, our goal was Orlando.

Orlando is a wonderful place for families. With Disney World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Centre and nice beaches all within a short drive. There is simply tons to do for a family. Great weather also offers so many year round opportunities; from mini golf to boating, fishing and even Everglades adventures. Orlando is also a short distance from the famous Cocoa Beach, and for those who love a picnic on the beach, Cocoa has a lot to offer.

We spent a total of nine days in and around Orlando and had a great time.

I hope to return to my daily and weekly posts ASAP.

Thanks to all of my readers for your patience.




One thought on “From Sunshine to Snowfall

  1. Tina (Bettany17)

    Adorable children! Glad you had fun! Was there last year and I totally agree with you; it IS a great place for families to vacation. The warm weather break makes cold winters a little more bearable.

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