Apple headphones can be used to remotely snap iPhone photos? Huh?

I’ve owned every version of the iPhone starting with the original, three of the four iterations of the iPad and, oh yeah, I write about Apple products almost every day. Despite all that, I still manage to stumble across features on devices such as the iPhone and iPad that I either never learned about or forgot existed. Case in point: I found out today that the volume controls on Apple headphones or EarPods can be used to remotely control the camera shutter. I know. I was amazed, too.

So here’s how it works: Just like you can use the volume + button the side of the iPhone to snap a photo, the same thing applies to the volume buttons on official Apple headphones and EarPods. Simply bring up the camera app (or certain apps such as Camera+), set your camera as you want and press the volume + button to take the photo.

Setting your phone on a steady surface and then using the remote shutter feature means you’ll never have to worry about a shaky hand ruining the shot. Also, the volume controls on Apple EarPods are a little over three feet (or almost exactly one meter) from the plug, which should work well for snapping a photo of yourself and a few friends without dealing with a third-party camera timer app.

I can’t be the only one who missed this feature when it was originally implemented a couple of years back, right? Right?!

By Mike Wehner –thanks


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