An Amazing Ride: The 2014 World Cup

This morning I woke up tired, really tired  and somehow saddened. It’s over. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Soccer at its finest!

For me it started with the American team as a hopeful but clear underdog. Little was I to know that I would be in for sleepless nights, staying up late watching the games. The peak, when the US team hit the top 16 was wonderful and short lived. Living and working in Germany I moved my attention to the Germans when the US team left the tournament. Not only were they performing well, they were playing one superlative game after the other.

All the excitement rose to a crescendo last night when Germany and Argentina faced each other on the field. As the game moved into over time and Germany started to put on the pressure we knew the end for Argentina was near. Götze’s goal in the last minutes of the game was fantastic, and Germany became the worlds greatest soccer team again.

I was proud for my two boys, both German and American passport holders. And my wife, a soccer mom and fan through and through.

Somehow, like a drug, it’s over. Though tired, I wish it would continue. Great sport almost every day. For me the World Cup was better than the Olympics, much better.

WC, I’ll miss you. Looking forward to the next one. Good job Germany!

Champions: Philipp Lahm of Germany lifts the World Cup.


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