Windows Holographic, Update : Hololens

Microsoft Hololens Official

HoloLens and Holo Studio

Microsoft also announced the HoloLens, a Holographic PC that looks like a VR headset, but functions as a stand-alone PC. The new gadget not only has a CPU and a GPU, it has a HPU (Holographic Processing Unit.)

Along with HoloLens, Microsoft announced Holo Studio, which allows users to create their own holograms and 3D print them. You can even use voice commands. This is the future of AutoCAD, people. Maybe.

Either way, combining virtual/augmented reality with 3D printing is pretty neat. The creative potential here is pretty astounding. From games to space exploration to educational applications.

The HoloLens itself is an impressive-looking headset. It’s fully wireless, and Microsoft says it has a powerful built-in CPU and GPU, with a third “holographic processing unit” designed to handle reading data about the world around you. The holographic processor “gives us the ability to understand where you’re looking, your gestures, your voice,” Microsoft said. “To spatially map the entire world around us. And to run without any wires all while processing terabytes of information from all of these sensors in real time.”

holo studio


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