The reason why I hate Telekom here in Germany 

You won’t believe this but I am a “Telekom hater”! Yep, I hate ’em, and here is why.

Most of you know that we at finishing up our newly built home. One simple part of the project is telephony. Simple, because all we have to do is have Telekom move the old number to the new address. Technically, this a so basic that as an IT mensch I. Never even worried about it. I just ordered it and moved forward with the many more complicated project tasks for our construction. Well guess what, Telekom choked. 

I should have remembered that Telekom sucks, but I haven’t requested any changes in years. No changes is the name as, little opportunity for failure.

So here is what happened. The planned move and activation of out telephone line to our new home is on the 15 th of July. Basically, I would take my router and plug it in at the new house and set it up and, presto! Telephony and Internet! What could me more simple? Well, on the 2nd at around midnight I was reading about space X and the rocket exploding on my iPad and decided to watch the video. Guess what, no connection. I got out of bed and went to the router and to my surprise, nothing. No lights on except power. Of course this was a shock, I knew we would be moving in 13 days but do need my phone and Internet till then. 

Telekom accidentally put the wrong date in for the deactivation of our phone. Yep, a simple mistake. But guess what, they do not have a process to change it back. So, we have been struggling with them for over 5 days to re-activate our phone and they have not done it. 6 days!!! Incredible!

They informed us yesterday that they cannot get us back on line and we would have to wait till we move into the new home for service. I am stunned and baffled at their incompetence. 

Now you know why I hate Telekom and am currently looking for an alternative.

Have you had any problems with Telekom? If so, tell me about them.


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