Are You Ready For iOS9 ?

Well folks, today is the big day. Apple will move their new operating system to their distribution servers for everyone to download and enjoy. Will you be updating?

I will be. I am looking forward to a more stable, smaller and faster IOS. 

7.X brought huge changes and more API’s than I can shake a stick at. 8.X was buggy at first, huge and also brought on some changes that made things seem slow and cumbersome. I am hoping that Apple has stuck to their promise of “smaller, more stable and more effective”.

Some of the things I am really looking forward to are updates to the virtual keyboard and functionality of external keyboards. I seem to be spending more and more of my time typing on the iPad and look forward to anything that improves that experience for me. Not that I am unable to knock out a lot of words on the virtual keyboard. I am typing this post now with the onscreen keys. But honestly, iOS has been lacking solid editing features that have been available in Android and Windows Mobile forever.

Multitasking is another thing I am excited about. Being able to do more with less and in less time. Let’s hope that it runs smooth on my iPad. 

I read that the notes app has been dramatically improved. I have been using a third party note taker for years because the iOS has simply been terrible. This will be nice for folks new to the OS and devices, they can save money and not have to invest in other note options. 

Metal implementation is also exciting. True 64bit and better usage of ram mean faster and more efficient processes. I am hoping that Apple and developers have implemented and tweaked Metal so my iPad is fast and games feel smoother and… Simply more awesomeness. 

Well, these are just a few of the many things I am looking for ward too later on this evening. What about you? What about iOS 9 gets you excited?
Drop me a note.


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