Man-Up, a very enjoyable film.

My wife and I enjoyed a good movie last night. The movie, a comedy, Man-up starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. 

The movie opens with a quirky Nancy (Lake Bell) in a hotel room getting ready to go to a party. She obviously has issues with social events and begins drinking to lower her inhibitions. Within a few minutes you begin to relate to Nancy and feel sorry for her.  This surprised me because I was not familiar with Lake Bell. She is a solid actress and shows her chops in this film. Nancy is supposed to meet a blind date at the party- setup by a friend, and at the same time is being called by her sister. Nancy’s parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary and her sister, though excited she is dating again, expects her to come to the anniversary and deliver a speech.  

Nancy finally “Man’s-up” and goes to the party where she meets her friends and planned blind date. As expected, the results are not promising and Nancy decides to head out to the anniversary.

On the train Nancy meets an overly upbeat female passenger who overhears her phone call with her sister about the party and Nancy’s current lack of social life. The nosy passenger shows Nancy a book she has been reading and has inspired her to date more. She informs Nancy that she is meeting a blind date at the train station and he also has the book and that they’ll use the book as an identifier.

Needles to say there is a switch-up and Nancy ends up meeting the blind date at the train station. the blind date, of course, happens to be Jack (Simon Pegg).

Without having painful spoilers all over the place, I’ll stop a delivering details here. The date turns into an exciting romp around London and the film has many warm and funny moments. 

Simon Pegg is brilliant as usual. I really love this actor. He has been great in everything from, Shaun Of The Dead, to Mission Impossible. I especially liked him in Paul and his Hector movie.

If you enjoy the weekly romantic comedy with the wife (or husband), then this is a perfect popcorn Friday. 

I’ll keep an eye out for Lake Bell too, excited to see what she does next.

Rent this one and enjoy

My rating four out of five stars.


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