Jobs or Steve Jobs, my opinion

So now that I have seen both, Jobs and Steve Jobs, I can say, I liked Jobs. Steve Jobs, seemed all about him behind the curtain (nothing new). Neither film seems worth a movie theater ticket. But for a two dollar rental,
I was able to settle my curiosity. Ashton Kutcher was very good. There were moments where he looked and seemed so much like the guy it was almost weird. I don’t really like Kutcher that much but he seemed to have this role down. In both films Woz is portrayed as a super smart, super nice guy. I actually believe he is one. Over the years I have seen the Woz in so many interviews and he comes over very much the geek that we all love. Human, humble and passionate about technology and engineering.

I did not like the portrayal of Scully and “The Board” in Jobs. I believe it was much more complex and that. Jobs may have never reached his full potential without the shove. He came back better and more mature.


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