To Evolve We Must Accept Change

Evolution is so important to us as a race. Humans need to move forward, develop, change.
We know this to be true
and yet it so hard to do so. Sometimes the simplest change can be frustratingly tough to make even though we know, deep down, it is for the best. Inside, we understand that just a small change is all we need to feel better, move-on and evolve. Yet somehow we are hindered by fear, worry and a hundred other obstacles.

We seem to be confronted by these obstacles daily. Worst of all, it gets harder as we age. It seems all our fears, threats and worries magnify every ten to twenty years.

Being in the IT business, we are very analytical in our approach to change. We break down the process to ensure that when we make a change we are doing it properly and for the right reasons. This is simply the scientific methodology to the process of change.  I have found, over the years, that this structured approach is extremely helpful in my personal life, especially when I know, in my gut,  I need to make a change.

What are my fears? What keeps me from evolving and making a change – IMPACT ! Yes impact, this is what we all fear. One of the first things I ask my team prior to a change is if they have done an impact analysis. I am always interested in the results of the impact analysis and on some odd level, the change itself becomes obscure and less important than the risks and impact. I apply this model to my personal life all the time. I ask myself;  If I make this change, what will be the impact on my lifestyle, children and health? Sure, there are other factors, but these, are often significant enough for me to keep from making quick changes and enjoying their benefits, what we call- quick wins. Sadly, the older I get, the more cautious I become.

What am I getting at here?  Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it as a fundamental part of personal evolution, if the change seems too tough, do an impact analysis. Weigh the benefits and the downsides, analyze the RISK.

Get out there and move forward, change – evolve!



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